Generac Power For Profits

These courses are facilitated by Generac factory trainers, and are ideal for your technicians new to generator sales or those technicians that need updating on the current product offerings or features.


The course is facilitated by Generac factory trainers. It is ideal for your technicians new to generator sales or those technicians that need updating on the current product offerings or features. The course specifically reviews:

• Residential and Commercial Market Overview
• Generators 9kw – 150kw
• Protector Series Diesel Generators
• Back Up Options
• Transfer Switch Connections
• Site Preparation
• Fuel Considerations
• Generator Connections
• Operational Tests & Final Steps
• Sizing the Generator: NEC 220, Part IV

Do you have any technicians who need training on:

• The market for residential and/or commercial generators
• The Generac Residential/Commercial product offering and the new developments on the line
• How to determine what size of generator is appropriate
• Understanding load shedding
• Understanding back-up options
• Understanding transfer switch connections
• Site Preparation
• Fuel Considerations
• Back Up Options
• Transfer Switch Connections
• Generator Connections
• Operational Tests & Final Steps
• Sizing the Generator: NEC 220, Part IV
• Various other installation issues

Then, you should have them attend Generac Power for Profits™!


Generators offer a tremendous sales and margin opportunity, and an ongoing service revenue source for your business.

Knowing the current offering of generators is the first step to ensuring an ongoing service relationship with your customer.

The participant will receive various support & take-away materials including a Learner’s Guide, Sizing Guide, and Free On-Line Training Access. 

The cost of this class is only $139!  

10% discount when 3 or more employees from the same company attend!

 “Excellent for a person getting into the electrical field.”

~ Franklin Chaney, Office Coordinator, Colonial Electric

“This was a really interesting class. I really enjoyed how the instructors engaged with us.”
~ Leonel Ceballos, Helper, Amber Enterprise

“It’s an overall great course for starter professionals.”
~ Andre Williams

“Great beginners course.”
~ Austin Gardner, Assistant PM, Grounded Electrical Instruction

“The course was very informational. The instructor was very knowledgeable. Enjoyed learning new things.”
~ Ashlee Windsor, Asst Construction Manager, Partner’s Electric Service

“Taught the fundamentals of the class in the most understanding way.”
~ Jason Samuels, GAC Service

“It’s a great course for getting acquainted with electrical field work basics, terminology, and practices.”
~ Shannon Peacock, Project Manager Switchgear, Capital Electric

“Enjoyable introduction to electrical concepts. Mike makes things clear and he cares to know that you’re learning.”
~ Andrew Clarke, Project Manager Switchgear, Capital Electric

“A good view of what to expect when becoming an electrician.”
~ Jordan Laycook, Account Manager, Capital Electric

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