Lighting Technology Summit

Ten years into the LED revolution and it’s not slowing down. We’ll dig into lighting controls starting with the basics and up to more advanced controls applications. A not-to-be-missed event!


Capital Electric’s annual lighting seminar event returns with a new name, new presentations and, new this year, an expanded product trade show featuring many of our key manufacturers, showcasing their latest technology and products to see for yourself.  For 2020, in addition to updating LED technology, we’re focusing even more on lighting controls.  Now more than ever, if you are installing or using LED lighting, and want to maximize not only energy savings, but reap the benefits of expanded capabilities that lighting controls can bring, this educational event is a must.


Current agenda for LTUS 9:00AM – 3:00PM

9:00 –   9:50     Opening presentation – LED overview/update

10:00 – 11:15   Lighting Controls Basics

11:15 – 1:00     Vendor Show

1:00 –   3:00     Lighting Controls Applications/Technologies/Installation


Vendors: Sylvania, Cooper Lighting, Lithonia/Acuity, Lutron, RAB, Signify/Philips, Progress, WattStopper

* Participating vendors may vary by location


LED Update – 2020 and beyond

Ten years into the LED revolution and it’s not slowing down.  We’ll examine the current state of the technology, emerging applications, best savings opportunities, and applications.   As a solid-state device, LED makes possible things we never imagined in a lighting product.  We’ll look at where we are and glimpse some potential places that solid-state lighting may be headed.

Lighting Controls Basics: Let’s Get Started

If you are among the many who think lighting controls are too complicated to use and costly to acquire, this presentation is right up your alley.  The proven energy savings of LED lighting is amplified with the use of controls.  Their importance is undeniable.  However, widespread adoption has been slowed by fear and perceptions of complexity in specifying, installation, and use.  We’ll try to take the mystery out of lighting controls by starting with the basics.  Terms and definitions, types, common applications, and the impact of energy codes are among the subjects we will cover in this segment. 

Putting Lighting Controls to Work: Beyond the Basics

Now that you’ve decided to include controls in your LED installation, what might that mean?  In this presentation we’ll get into the details on subjects that will definitely be part of our future in lighting.  We will examine daylighting strategies, color temperature control, whole building integrated systems, data collection and use, and commissioning your controls for effective use and benefit.  Like LED lighting itself, the main reason for using controls are the energy savings.  However, they now also offer many exciting, new ways to get the best use of our working and living spaces.   


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