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Lighting Technology Update Seminar

Capital Electric's Lighting Tech Update Seminar is now offering in-person and virtual options!


Capital Electric is pleased to present the latest edition of our popular Lighting Tech Update Seminars. This half-day session will be presented once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Join us in our brand new facility or online for this timely and informative seminar!


What customers have said about our lighting seminars:

“Fantastic presentation and educational opportunity. Thank you!”

“Thanks for the eye-opening presentations. I learned a lot!”

“Great seminar! Will be back next year with some of my employees!”


2024 Lighting Update

LED has become the light source for everyday illumination. In 2024, advances in this technology focus more on improvements in the performance of solid-state LED lighting sources. These improvements have led to the gradual phase-out of traditional light sources in nearly every application. This opening presentation will look at the impacts from various forces that are going to determine the availability, use, and control of our lighting now and in the future. We will detail the latest regulations affecting your lighting options and look at what may be on the horizon in the future.


LED Lighting Layouts - It's Not as Hard as You Think!

When changing out traditional lighting to new LED sources, all the things you need to consider can make the task a bit intimidating. You may want (or need) to use lighting software to help calculate the proper solution. We will explain the terms you need to understand to accomplish this goal, terms such as: Lumens, Foot Candles, Surface Reflectance, Luminaire Efficiency, and Light Level Depreciation. We will do some equivalency exercises to demonstrate that all light sources are not created (and don't perform) the same. Finally, we will do some live lighting layouts for common interior and exterior spaces to show you that it's not as hard as it might seem if you have the right tools. 


Product Showcase & Lunch

Prior to lunch being served, select lighting manufacturers will have an opportunity to showcase some of their latest lighting products. 

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