Lighting Technology Update Seminar

LED has been the most disruptive lighting technology in generations. Accurate information is critical to making the best choices for your application.


 WARNING: LED Lighting Is Here to Stay. Don’t Get Left Behind.

  LED has been the most disruptive lighting technology in generations.  Accurate information is critical to making the best choices for your application.  Capital Electric’s popular and award-winning Lighting Technology Update Seminars are dedicated to helping you successfully navigate the evolving world of LED lighting.  These seminars are designed to provide the knowledge and tools essential to good decision making.  If you don’t have time to keep abreast of the almost daily changes in this fast-paced technology, this is a highly informative and interesting way to stay up to speed on the latest in LED lighting, its benefits, challenges, and possibilities.



“Lighting in 2019 – Where Are We Today?”

Despite the dramatic advancement of solid-state lighting, statistics show that only roughly 20% of the lighting in the U.S. is now LED.  We are still a long way from full adoption.  This opening presentation, by Bob Preston, LC, Lighting & Energy Specialist for Capital Electric, will look at the current state of lighting in 2019, the advancement of LED, trends for the future, best opportunities for retrofit, energy impacts and more.  This presentation will help set the stage for the seminar topics to follow.

“LED: Color, Control, Reliability and More…. It’s All About Choices and Making the Right One”

Selecting the right LED product can seem overwhelming.  Scrolling through web sites, pouring over catalogs.  So much data and too many choices.  But, with a bit of guidance and the right tools, you can narrow the search and greatly improve the odds of getting the right LED for the job.  Bill O’Connell, LC, LEED AP with Eaton Lighting Solutions, will lead an enlightening look at the various tools and parameters you’ll want to consider when evaluating an LED light source, including such things as product life and the importance of warranties.   We’ll demonstrate LED color and how varying shades of white light can impact human health, behavior and productivity.   Plus, we will discuss some interesting things you can do with an LED fixture now that we have a solid-state platform to build on.  This presentation will help you understand the technology better and make the right choices.

" Hiding in Plain Sight: Unexpected Aspects of LED"

The rapid adoption of LED lighting has resulted in some unanticipated (and unintended) performance by-products that still plague many common everyday installations.  Bob and Bill will dig into some of the most vexing issues related to LED, particularly acute when retrofitting existing applications.  Flicker, for example, has come under renewed scrutiny.  We will discuss why and how it may also relate to dimming performance of LED.   We also will explain the technical challenges in LED dimming, especially when replacing lamps, some failure scenarios, and solutions and tips for reducing dimming problems.  And, we will dig into the important subject of glare.  What it is and some ways to lessen its effects.

 "Beyond the Electric Bill - Other LED Lighting Benefits"

LED lighting has been “mainstream” for only about ten years, and dramatic energy savings has driven rapid adoption.  However, LED has opened some other new possibilities that may change the way we use lighting and the luminaires that produce it.  LiFI, Visible Lighting Disinfection, and Horticulture lighting are examples.  We will look at these emerging technologies and applications, and how they may touch our daily lives now and in the future.  This presentation will help show that energy savings is no longer the whole story when it comes to LED lighting.  And these new applications can have direct impacts in your world and across the globe.

 "Lighting Lexicon - Talking the Talk"

What are Ra, Rf, Rg? And what do they mean?  Do you know that PAR is an identical term for two entirely different and unrelated things in lighting?  LED has changed the way we talk about lighting.  During each of our topic presentations, we will explain some of these annoying abbreviations and terms to help you “talk the talk” when it comes to


 How You'll Benefit

Are You an Electrical Contractor? Here’s Why You Should Attend:

NOT an Electrical Contractor? You’ll Still Benefit by Attending:

~Be better able to advise your clients, who trust you to be the expert.

~Understand why LED lighting has caught on so quickly … and the advantages it offers over traditional lighting.

~Understand what benefits your customers want from LED lighting … so you can help them specify what to use.

~Discover how using LED lighting can positively (or negatively) impact the environment you’re in … whether it’s used in an office, classroom, hospital or other application.

~Position yourself as a leader – and be able to charge more for your expertise.

~Gain clarity on the limitations of LED lighting … and the possible problems that might come up during retrofit installations.

~Understand the limitations and challenges you’ll face with LED lighting … so you can be ready if they arise

~Learn how LED lighting can impact human health and behavior — and what to specify to achieve the results you want.

~Know how to navigate the potential pitfalls of LED retrofit applications.

~Boost your confidence in talking to electrical contractors and understanding what they’re telling you.

~Avoid getting left behind. LED lighting is here to stay — and knowing specifications is rapidly becoming critical knowledge.

~Know what to look for when choosing an electrical contractor for an LED lighting installation. (Hint: they, too, should understand everything you’ll learn at this seminar!)


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